Vietnam seaplant statistics

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Vietnam (XVM) Coastline 3,444 km


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Commercial seaweed species & production

Genus species type Total mt Cultivated
Acanthophora spicifera red n/a n/a
Betaphycus gelatinae red n/a n/a
Calaglossa leprieurii red n/a n/a
Caulerpa racemosa green n/a n/a
Gelidiella acerosa red n/a n/a
Gigartina intermedia red n/a n/a
Gloiopeltis spp. red n/a n/a
Gracilaria asisatica red n/a n/a
Gracilaria coronopifera red n/a n/a
Gracilaria eucheumoides red n/a n/a
Gracilaria firma red n/a n/a
Gracilaria heteroclada red n/a n/a
Gracilaria salicornia red n/a n/a
Gracilaria spp. red n/a n/a
Gracilaria tenuistipitata red n/a n/a
Hypnea muscoides red n/a n/a
Hypnea valentiae red n/a n/a
Kappaphycus cottonii red n/a n/a
Porphyra crispata red n/a n/a
Porphyra suborticulata red n/a n/a
Sargassum crassifolium brown n/a n/a
Sargassum gramminifolium brown n/a n/a
Sargassum henslowianum brown n/a n/a
Sargassum mcclurei brown 400* 0
Sargassum polycystum brown * n/a
Sargassum siliquosum brown * n/a
Sargassum spp. brown * n/a
Sargassum vachelliannum brown * n/a
Turbinaria spp. brown n/a n/a
Ulva lactuca green n/a n/a
Ulva reticulata green n/a n/a
total     400 n/a
* Production combined by genus.

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