Seaplant industry activities in the Indian Ocean Zone (ZIO)

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The countries flagged in green are a "yes" with respect to seaweed information on SuriaLink.

Countries flagged in yellow are "maybes". We know that there's commercial seaplant activity and are seeking information. The countries and territories flagged in red are "unknowns". If you have information about commercial seaplant activity in these countries please let us know.

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Indian Ocean (ZIO) countries
CountryID Country Seaweed? Km coast
XAS Australia Y


XBG Bangladesh Y 580
XBM Burma Y 1,930
XCE Sri Lanka Y 1,340
XEG Egypt Y 1,225
XIN India Y 7,000
XID Indonesia Y 18,239
XKE Kenya Y 536
XMA Madagascar Y 4,828
XMY Malaysia Y 2,338
XSF South Africa Y 1,399
XTZ Tanzania Y 1,424
XTH Thailand Y 1,610
XDJ Djibouti M 314
XMV Maldives M 644
XAT Ashmore & Cartier Islands (AS) U 74
XBA Bahrain U 161
XBS Bassas da India (FR) U 35
XIO British Indian Ocean Territory {Chagos] (UK) U 698
XKT Christmas Island (AS) U 139
XCK Cocos (Keeling) Islands (AS) U 3
XCN Comoros U 340
XER Eritrea U 2,234
XEU Europa Island (FR) U 22
XFS French Southern & Antarctic Islands (FR) U 1,232
XGO Glorioso Islands (FR) U 35
XHM Heard Is. & McDonald Isles (AS) U 102
XIR Iran U 1,220
XIZ Iraq U 58
XJO Jordan U 26
XJU Juan de Nova Island (FR) U 24
XKU Kuwait U 499
XMP Mauritius U 177
XMF Mayotte (FR) U 185
XMZ Mozambique U 2,470
XMU Oman U 2,092
XPK Pakistan U 1,046
XQA Qatar U 563
XRE Reunion (FR) U 207
XSA Saudi Arabia U 2,640
XSE Seychelles U 491
XSO Somalia U 3,025
XSU Sudan U 853
XTE Tromelin Island (FR) U 4
XTC United Arab Emirates U 1,318
XYM Yemen U 1,906
ZIO TOTAL   75,873
Indian Ocean (ZIO) regions
Reg ID Name of Water Body Bordering
ANS Andaman Sea (Burma Sea) YES
ARS Arabian Sea YES
BBE Bay of Bengal YES
GAB Great Australian Bight YES
GAD Gulf of Aden YES
GAQ Gulf of Aqaba YES
GMA Gulf of Mannar YES
GOM Gulf of Oman YES
GSU Gulf of Suez N/A
LCS Laccadive Sea (Lakshadweep Sea) YES
MOC Mozambique Channel YES
PAB Palk Strait and Palk Bay YES
PEG Persian Gulf YES
SMA Strait of Malacca (Malacca Strait) YES
SUC Suez Canal N/A
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