Seaplant industry activities in the Mediterranean Zone (ZME)

The countries flagged in green are a "yes" with respect to seaweed information on SuriaLink.

Countries flagged in yellow are "maybes". We know that there's commercial seaplant activity and are seeking information. The countries and territories flagged in red are "unknowns". If you have information about commercial seaplant activity in these countries please let us know.

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Mediterranean Sea (ZME) countries
CountryID Country Seaweed?

Km coast

XEG Egypt Y


XFR France Y 1,714
XIS Israel Y 273
XIT Italy Y 7,600
XSP Spain Y 2,482
XAL Albania U 362
XAG Algeria U 998
XAJ Azerbaijan U 800
XBU Bulgaria U 354
XHR Croatia U 5,790
XCY Cyprus U 648
XGZ Gaza Strip U 40
XGG Georgia U 310
XGI Gibraltar U 4
XGR Greece U 13,676
XIR Iran U 1,220
XJO Jordan U 26
XLE Lebanon U 225
XLY Libya U 1,770
XMT Malta U 140
XMN Monaco U 4
XRO Romania U 225
XSY Syria U 193
XTS Tunisia U 1,148
XTU Turkey U 7,200
XTX Turkmenistan U 1,768
XUP Ukraine U 2,782
ZME TOTAL   52,977
Mediterranean Sea (ZME) regions
Reg ID Name of Water Body Bordering
ADS Adriatic Sea YES
AES Aegean Sea YES
ALS Alboran Sea YES
ARA Aral Sea N/A
BLS Black Sea YES
BOS Bosporus N/A
CAS Caspian Sea YES
DAR Dardanelles N/A
GLI Gulf of Lion (Gulf of Lions) N/A
IBS Balearic Sea (Balear Sea, Iberian Sea) N/A
IOS Ionian Sea YES
LGS Ligurian Sea (Ligure Sea) N/A
MEB Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Basin N/A
MES Mediterranean Sea YES
MWB Mediterranean Sea, Western Basin N/A
SAZ Sea of Azov YES
SCR Sea of Crete YES
SGI Strait of Gibraltar YES
SMR Sea of Marmara YES
SSI Strait of Sicily (Strait of Sicilia) N/A
TYS Tyrrhenian Sea (Tirreno Sea) YES
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