Seaplant industry activities in the North Pacific Zone (ZNP)

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The countries flagged in green are a "yes" with respect to seaweed information on SuriaLink.

Countries flagged in yellow are "maybes". We know that there's commercial seaplant activity and are seeking information. The countries and territories flagged in red are "unknowns". If you have information about commercial seaplant activity in these countries please let us know.

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North Pacific Ocean (ZNP) regions
CountryID Country Seaweed?

Km coast

XCA Canada


XCH China Y 7,637
XID Indonesia Y 18,239
XJA Japan Y 29,751
XKR Kiribati Y 572
XKN Korea, North Y 2,495
XKS Korea, South Y 2,413
XMX Mexico Y 9,330
XRP Philippines Y 18,145
XRS Russia Y 18,827
XUS United States of America Y 9,962
XTW Taiwan M 783
XFQ Baker Island (US) U 5
XIP Clipperton Island (FR) U 11
XCO Colombia U 1,604
XCS Costa Rica U 645
XEC Ecuador U 2,237
XES El Salvador U 307
XGQ Guam (US) U 126
XGT Guatemala U 400
XHO Honduras U 820
XHQ Howland Island (US) U 6
XDQ Jarvis Island (US) U 8
XJQ Johnston Atoll (US) U 10
XKQ Kingman Reef (US) U 3
XRM Marshall Islands U 370
XFM Micronesia, Federated States of U 6,112
XMQ Midway Islands (US) U 15
XNU Nicaragua U 455
XCQ Northern Mariana Islands (US) U 1,482
XPS Palau U 1,519
XLQ Palmyra Atoll (US) U 15
XPM Panama U 1,245
XWQ Wake Island (US) U 19
ZNP TOTAL   216,832
North Pacific Ocean (ZNP) regions
Reg ID Name of Water Body Bordering
ABC Coastal Waters of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia N/A
AML Amurskiy Liman YES
ANZ Anadyrskiy Zaliv (Anadyrskiy Gulf) YES
BOH Bo Hai (Bo Sea, Gulf of Chihli) N/A
BRB Bristol Bay N/A
BRS Bering Sea YES
BST Bering Strait YES
ECS East China Sea (Tung Hai) YES
GAL Gulf of Alaska N/A
GCA Gulf of California N/A
GPA Gulf of Panama N/A
GTA Gulf of Tartary N/A
ISJ Inland Sea of Japan (Seto Naikai) N/A
KOB Korea Bay N/A
KOS Korea Strait YES
LIW Liaodong Wan (Liaodong Gulf) N/A
LUZ Luzon Strait YES
PHS Philippine Sea YES
SAK Sakhalinskiy Zaliv YES
SJP Sea of Japan (Japan Sea) YES
SOK Sea of Okhotsk YES
TAS Taiwan Strait (Formosa Strait) YES
TTS Tatar Strait N/A
YES Yellow Sea (Huang Hai, Hwang Hai) YES
ZAS Zaliv Shelikhova YES
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