Seaplant activities in South China & E. Archipelagic Seas Zone (ZSC)

The countries flagged in green are a "yes" with respect to seaweed information on SuriaLink.

Countries flagged in yellow are "maybes". We know that there's commercial seaplant activity and are seeking information. The countries and territories flagged in red are "unknowns". If you have information about commercial seaplant activity in these countries please let us know.

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South China & Eastern Archipelagic Sea (ZSC) countries
CountryID Country Seaweed?

Km coast

XAS Australia Y


XCH China Y 7,637
XID Indonesia Y 18,239
XMY Malaysia Y 2,338
XRP Philippines Y 18,145
XTW Taiwan Y 1,566
XTH Thailand Y 1,610
XVM Vietnam Y 3,444
XCB Cambodia M 443
XBX Brunei U 161
XPF Paracel Islands U 518
XSN Singapore U 193
XPG Spratley Islands U 926
ZSC TOTAL   63,024
South China & Eastern Archipelagic Sea (ZSC) regions
Reg ID Name of Water Body Bordering
AFU Arafura Sea YES
ARU Aru Sea N/A
BAL Bali Sea N/A
BAN Banda Sea YES
CAR Gulf of Carpentaria N/A
CEL Celebes Sea YES
CER Ceram Sea (Seram Sea) N/A
FLO Flores Sea N/A
GBE Gulf of Berau N/A
GTH Gulf of Thailand (Gulf of Siam) YES
HAL Halmahera Sea N/A
JAV Java Sea (Jawa Sea) YES
JBG Joseph Bonaparte Gulf N/A
MAK Makassar Strait (Makasar Strait) N/A
MIN Mindanao Sea N/A
MOL Molucca Sea (Molukka Sea, Maluku Sea) N/A
NAT Natuna Sea N/A
SAV Savu Sea (Sawu Sea) N/A
SCS South China Sea (Nan Hai) YES
SIN Singapore Strait YES
SUL Sulu Sea YES
SUM Sumba Strait N/A
SUN Sunda Strait N/A
SWS Sulawesi Sea N/A
TEB Teluk Bone (Gulf of Bone, Gulf of Boni) N/A
TET Teluk Tomini (Gulf of Tomini) N/A
TIM Timor Sea YES
TON Gulf of Tonkin YES
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