Seaplant industry activities in the South Pacific Ocean Zone (ZSP)

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The countries flagged in green are a "yes" with respect to seaweed information on SuriaLink.
 Countries flagged in yellow are "maybes". We know that there's commercial seaplant activity and are seeking information. The countries and territories flagged in red are "unknowns". If you have information about commercial seaplant activity in these countries please let us know.

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South Pacific Ocean (ZSP) countries
CountryID Country Seaweed?

Km coast

XAS Australia Y


XCI Chile Y 6,435
XKR Kiribati Y 572
XNZ New Zealand Y 15,134
XPE Peru Y 2,414
XFJ Fiji Y 1,129
XTN Tonga Y 419
XAQ American Samoa (US) U 116
XCW Cook Islands (NZ) U 120
XCR Coral Sea Islands (AS) U 3,095
XFP French Polynesia (FR) U 2,525
XNR Nauru U 30
XNC New Caledonia (FR) U 2,254
XNE Niue U 64
XNF Norfolk Island (AS) U 32
XPP Papua New Guinea U 5,152
XPC Pitcairn Islands (UK) U 51
XWS Samoa U 403
XBP Solomon Islands U 5,513
XTL Tokelau (NZ) U 101
XTV Tuvalu U 24
XNH Vanuatu U 2,528
XWF Wallis and Futuna (FR) U 129
ZSP TOTAL   56,827
South Pacific Ocean (ZSP) regions
Reg ID Name of Water Body Bordering
BAS Bass Strait N/A
BEL Bellingshausen Sea N/A
BIS Bismarck Sea YES
COO Cook Strait N/A
COR Coral Sea YES
GBR Coastal Waters of Great Barrier Reefs N/A
SOL Solomon Sea YES
TMN Tasman Sea YES
TOR Torres Strait YES
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