Factsheets for Brown Seaweeds (phylum Phaeophyta)

Genus: Alaria Trade name: alaria Symbol: AL
Authority: Greville Type species: Alaria esculenta (Linnaeus) Greville
Commercial species: crassifolia (CRS), fitulosa (FIT), marginata (MAR), esculenta (ESC)
Common names: Ainu-wakame, Bladderlochs, Chigaiso, Chishima-wakame,  Dabberlocks, Edible Kelp, Enaga-wakame, Ezo-wakame, Fruill, Henware, Honeyware, Horsetail kelp, Karafuto-wakame, Kauan, Kausam, Kelp meal, Kunashiri-wakame, Kutare, Láir, Láracha, Marinkjarni, Murlins, Oarweed, Oni-wakame,  
Classification: Eukaryota, Phylum Heterokontophyta, Order Laminariales, Family Alariaceae. 
AlgaeBase names and species:  33 names - 16 current as of 12-2001.
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SuriaLink SeaPlant Utility Rating
Useful food & polymer source - can be farmed - expansion potential
Agronomy & harvesting must use good  environmental practices.
Kelp-like plant with distinct midrib & with sporangia borne at the base of the frond in special leaflets ("wings" called sporophylls) in two rows on the stipe. Olive or yellow-brown fronds to 4 m long and 25 cm wide. Narrow flexible stipe forms a distinct midrib through the frond. 
Rocky, exposed shores in temperate areas. Needs clean seawater at full salinity. Often forms a band near low tide mark & in shallow subtidal Also in tidal pools. Distinguishing features: 

Alaria Production
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Tons per annum
wild harvest
Tons per annum
Canada n/a n/a
Ireland n/a n/a
Iceland n/a n/a
Japan n/a n/a
USA n/a n/a


n/a n/a
Normally harvested in limited quantities from wild sources but the Irish Seaweed Industry Organisation is cultivating Alaria on ropes in Ireland. Production figures being sought.
Biology & Agronomy
Wild harvest. 
Alaria is a source of alginates. 
Generally sun dried. May be pulverised for agricultural use. We have several monographs in progress covering analytical procedures post-harvest treatment and process technology. Check the processing index for available web pages and monographs. 
Products, Uses & Applications
Used as human food (e.g. in soups in a manner similar to Undaria [wakame]) and also used (usually in meal form) as an animal feed additive and a fertiliser/soil conditioner
List of species' uses and community affiliations
Genus GenID SpID Species Uses Communities
Alaria AL CRS crassifolia FH AI, SV
Alaria AL ESC esculenta FH AI, SV
Alaria AL FIT fitulosa FA, FH AI, SV
Alaria AL MAR marginata FH AI, SV

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Alaria is most strongly associated with the Biopolymers, Seavegetables, Agro-industry and Seaweed communities. As a source of alginates and of agricultural products it is not highly significant but it is achieving importance as an alternative to Undaria as a source of wakame-like human food products.
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