Factsheets for Brown Seaweeds (phylum Phaeophyta)

Genus: Fucus Trade name: fucus Symbol: FU
AuthorityLinnaeus Type species:  Fucus vesiculosus Linnaeus
Commercial species:  gardneri (GAR), serratus (SEA), vesiculosus (VES) & spp.
Common names: Barrchonlach, Black tang, Black wrack, Bladder wrack, Blasentang, Bodelha, Casfheamainn, Dúlamán, Dyers Fucus, Feamainn bhoilgíneach, Flat wrack, Fucus vésiculeux, Hibamata, Hibatsunomata, Höckertang, Horned wrack, Hummertang, Jelly bags, Lady wrack, Míoránach, Múrach dhubh, Paddy Tang 
Classification: Eukaryota, Phylum Heterokontophyta, Order Fucales, Family Fucaceae. 
AlgaeBase names and species:  706 names - 9 current as of 12-2001.
Comprehensive lists of common names , generic & specific names can be found at AlgaeBase. >>Click here<<  for SuriaLink's policy on names.
SuriaLink SeaPlant Utility Rating
Minor polymer source - source of fucoidan - not farmed
Harvesting must use good  conservation practices to avoid habitat damage.
Fucus species generally have flat or compressed forked fronds, smooth or serrated frond edges and containing air bladders in some species (e.g. F. vesiculosus). dichotomously branched, with flattened thalli. Holdfast is irregularly shaped or somewhat disk-shaped. Thallus of the lower portion of the alga decreases in width, and becomes stipe-like. Thalli are perennial. At the end of the branches conceptacles are found that hold the reproductive structures. Generally medium sized (20-30 cm.) with dark green colour.
Most Fucus species are found intertidally on rocky shores in a wide range of exposures. They are common in the middle of the intertidal zone and are often mixed with Ascophyllum nodosom and other Fucus species.

Fucus production
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Tons per annum
wild harvest
Tons per annum
Canada n/a 0
France 2 0
Ireland 80 0
Portugal 2 0
USA n/a 0


84 0
Approximate annual production figures from recent years are as above. These estimates are probably a small fraction of actual harvests.
Biology & Agronomy
Wild harvest.
Contains alginates and fucoidan, an anti-coagulant.
We have several monographs in progress covering analytical procedures post-harvest treatment and process technology. Check the processing index for available web pages and monographs. 
Products, Uses & Applications
Source of alginates and fucoidan, an anti-coagulant. Also used as a component in lotions and nutraceutical preparations.
List of species' uses and community affiliations
Genus GenID SpID Species Uses Communities
Fucus FU GAR gardneri FA, FI, FF, IA, PA AI, BP, NP, WB
Fucus FU SEA serratus FA, FI, FF, IA, PA AI, BP, NP, WB
Fucus FU SPP spp. FA, FI, FF, IA, PA AI, BP, NP, WB
Fucus FU VES vesiculosus FA, FI, FF, IA, PA AI, BP, NP, WB

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Fucus is most strongly associated with the Agri-industry, Biopolymer  NutriPharm and Wellbeing communities.
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