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Acetabularia | Capsosiphon | Caulerpa | Codium | Dictyosphaeria | Enteromorpha | Monostroma | Ulva

Acanthophora | Ahnfeltia | Asparagopsis | Betaphycus | Caloglossa | Catenella | Chondrus | Eucheuma | Furcellaria | Gelidiella | Gelidium | Gigartina | Gloiopeltis | Gracilaria | Gracilariopsis | Grateloupia | Gymnogongrus | Halymenia | Hypnea | Iridaea | Kappaphycus | Laurencia | Lithothamnion | Mastocarpus | Mazzaella | Meristotheca | Nemalion | Palmaria | Phyllophora | Phymatolithon | Porphyra | Pterocladia | Scinaia | Solieria | Tichocarpus

Alaria | Ascophyllum | Cladosiphon | Cystoseira | Desmarestia | Durvillaea | Ecklonia | Egregia | Fucus | Hizikia | Hydroclathrus | Laminaria | Lessonia | Macrocystis | Nemacystus | Nereocystis | Pelvetia | Postelsia | Sargassum | Scytosiphon | Turbinaria | Undaria

Please note:
The list of seaweed genera shown above includes those macrophytic marine algae (seaweeds) algae reported by various sources as having commercial uses.
The taxonomic classification of macrophytic algae continues to be modified and refined. SuriaLink uses those names that appear to have a majority of consensual support within the seaplant scientific and commercial communities.
SuriaLink supports the position that the most generally accepted generic and specific names should be cited as "names of the trade" and also as designations within commercial standards of identity. 
For reference purposes we include vernacular names of the trade where such names have been widely adopted for use within the commercial community.
Reliable statistics concerning commercial seaplant harvests are difficult to obtain since virtually no official entities make accurate data available for public use. Additions and modifications are made to SuriaLink's statistical databases as new information comes from various sources including publications and personal communications from SuriaLink users. We do our best to make sure that we present information that is accurate and correct but we cannot guarantee said accuracy and correctness.

A useful print reference for world seaweed production statistics that was a helpful starting point for us is Zemke-White, W. L. & M. Ohno, 1999. World seaweed utilisation: an end-of-century summary. Journal of Applied Phycology 11: pp. 369-376. Please note however that in no way are these authors responsible for any errors or omissions that appear in SuriaLink's statistical summaries.

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