Factsheets for Green Seaweeds (phylum Chlorophyta)

Genus: Caulerpa Trade names: caulerpa Symbol: CU

AuthorityJ.V. Lamouroux Type species: Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskål) J.V. Lamouroux
Commercial species:  peltata (PEL), racemosa (RAC), sertularoides (SET), taxifolia (TAX), & spp.
Common names: Ararucip, Fusa-iwazuta, Lelato, Limu Eka, Limu fuafua, Mouse plant, Sea Grapes, Surikogidzuta, Tahmuck, Umibudo
Classification: Eukaryota, Phylum Chlorophyta, Order Caulerpales, Family Caulerpaceae.
AlgaeBase names and species:  307 names - 82 current as of 12-2001.
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SuriaLink SeaPlant Utility Rating
Some species used as food. Usually consumed fresh.
As the common name suggests, the types of Caulerpa used as food tend to be the ones that looks like bunches of green grapes (see the C. racemosa, upper left photo). Some species have a feathery appearance (e.g. C. taxifolia in upper right photo). These plants often produce "runners" under the substrate. These can produce several vertical branches that extend above the substrate.
Commonly found on sandy or muddy bottom in shallow waters. Cultivated in enclosures similar to prawn ponds.

Caulerpa production
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Tons per annum
wild harvest
Tons per annum
Bangladesh 10+ n/a
Japan 10+ n/a
Malaysia 10+ n/a
Philippines 10+ 810
Thailand 10+ n/a
Vietnam 10+ n/a


60+ 810
Caulerpa is harvested from the wild or cultivated in ponds in rural areas and marketed fresh in local markets so statistics about harvests are unavailable for much of the area of usage. Approximate annual production (fresh weight) is guesstimated as follows but actual harvests are probably much more.
Biology & Agronomy
In preparation.
In preparation.
We have several monographs in progress covering analytical procedures post-harvest treatment and process technology. Check the processing index for available web pages and monographs. 
Products, Uses & Applications
Caulerpa is a seavegetable that is normally eaten fresh as a garnish or in salads.
List of species' uses and community affiliations
Genus GenID SpID Species Uses Communities
Caulerpa CU LEN lentillifera FH, MD SV, WB
Caulerpa CU PEL peltata FH, MD SV, WB
Caulerpa CU RAC racemosa FH, MD SV, WB, FM
Caulerpa CU SET sertularioides FH, MD SV, WB
Caulerpa CU SPP spp. FH, MD SV, WB
Caulerpa CU TAX taxifolia FH, MD SV, WB

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Caulerpa is most strongly associated with the  Seavegetables,  Wellbeing and Farming communities.
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