Factsheets for Green Seaweeds (phylum Chlorophyta)

Genus: Dictyosphaeria Trade name: dictyosphaeria Symbol: DI

AuthorityDecaisne Type species: Dictyosphaeria cavernosa (Forsskål) Børgesen
Commercial species:  cavernosa (CAE)
Common names: Dictyosphaeria, Green Bubble Alga, Green Sea Balls
Classification: Eukaryota, Phylum Chlorophyta, Order Siphonocladales, Family Valoniaceae.
AlgaeBase names and species:  13 names - 7 current as of 12-2001.
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SuriaLink SeaPlant Utility Rating
Minor use as food and medicinal plants.
Regarded as "alien and invasive" at some locations including Hawaii. Can form dense mats that cover corals and other organisms.
The type species Dictyopshaeria cavernosa looks like a mass of small green balls. commonly known as  "Green Bubble Alga" or "Green Sea Balls" due to the large round cells. When small the thallus is a hollow sphere, when larger the sphere may burst and become convoluted and cup shaped. Generally dark green in colour.
Grows near coral reefs. Considered to be "alien & invasive" in Hawaii. Can form extensive mats over the reef surface.

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Dictyosphaeria production
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Tons per annum
wild harvest
Tons per annum
Kenya n/a 0
Philippines n/a 0


n/a 0
Production figures are being sought.
Biology & Agronomy
Appears to grow readily in many areas - to the point of becoming a pest in some areas including Hawaii.
Contains compounds that are anti-microbial or that act as growth regulators (e.g. auxin, gibberelin, cytokinin).
We have several monographs in progress covering analytical procedures post-harvest treatment and process technology. Check the processing index for available web pages and monographs. 
Products, Uses & Applications
Human and animal food; Medicine (anti-microbial with growth regulators, auxin, gibberelin, cytokinin).
List of species' uses and community affiliations
Genus GenID SpID Species Uses Communities
Dictyosphaeria DI CAE cavernosa FH SV, WB

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Dictyosphaeria is most strongly associated with the  Seavegetables and Wellbeing communities.
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