Factsheets for Red Seaweeds (phylum Rhodophyta)

Genus: Catenella Trade name: catenella Symbol: CT
AuthorityGreville Type species:  Catenella caespitosa (Withering) L.M. Irvine
Commercial species: spp.
Common names: n/a
Classification: Eukaryota, Phylum Rhodophyta, Class Rhodophyceae, Subclass Florideophycidae, Order Gigartinales, Family Caulacanthaceae
AlgaeBase names and species:  10 names - 5 current as of 12-2001.
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SuriaLink SeaPlant Utility Rating
Reputed to have minor use as food.
Small (ca. 2-3 cm.) moss-like plants with prolific, irregularly branched, flattened fronds. Frond constricted into segments at intervals. Holdfast is a mass of tangled hyphae. Colour usually dark red to purple. Has oval successive segments about 2mm wide. General aspect as dense mats 2-5 mm thick.
Generally found in middle to upper intertidal zones of rocky shores. Restricted to sheltered and shaded locations. Sometimes occurs in estuaries. Sometimes grows with Gelidium spp. which have a similar appearance.

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Catenella production
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Tons per annum
wild harvest
Tons per annum
Burma n/a n/a


n/a n/a
Production figures are still being sought.
Biology & Agronomy
In preparation.
In preparation.
We have several monographs in progress covering analytical procedures post-harvest treatment and process technology. Check the processing index for available web pages and monographs. 
Products, Uses & Applications
List of species' uses and community affiliations
Genus GenID SpID Species Uses Communities
Catenella CT SPP spp. FH SV

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Catnella is most strongly associated with the  Seavegetables  community.
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