Distribution of Brown Seaweeds

Reported commercial distribution  of brown seaweeds (Phylum Phaeophyta) by genus, species and country

Distribution information and other data specific to genera and species are being prepared for each genus shown in the Browns Index. Meanwhile the lengthy table below summarises known distributions.

Genus species Country
Alaria crassifolia Japan
Alaria esculenta Iceland
Alaria esculenta Ireland
Alaria esculenta United States of America
Alaria fitulosa United States of America
Alaria marginata Canada
Ascophyllum nodosum Canada
Ascophyllum nodosum China
Ascophyllum nodosum France
Ascophyllum nodosum Iceland
Ascophyllum nodosum Ireland
Ascophyllum nodosum Norway
Ascophyllum nodosum United Kingdom
Ascophyllum nodosum United States of America
Cladisiphon okamuranus Japan
Cystoseira barbata Egypt
Desmarestia spp. United States of America
Durvillaea antarctica Chile
Durvillaea potatorum Australia
Ecklonia cava Japan
Ecklonia maxima South Africa
Ecklonia stolonifera Korea, North
Ecklonia stolonifera Korea, South
Egregia menziesii Canada
Fucus gardneri Canada
Fucus gardneri United States of America
Fucus serratus France
Fucus serratus Ireland
Fucus spp. France
Fucus vesiculosus France
Fucus vesiculosus Ireland
Fucus vesiculosus Portugal
Hizikia fusiformis Japan
Hizikia fusiformis Korea, North
Hizikia fusiformis Korea, South
Hydroclathrus clathratus Bangladesh
Hydroclathrus clathratus Philippines
Laminaria angustata Japan
Laminaria bongardiana United States of America
Laminaria diabolica Japan
Laminaria digitata France
Laminaria digitata Ireland
Laminaria groenlandica Canada
Laminaria hyperborea Ireland
Laminaria hyperborea Norway
Laminaria hyperborea Spain
Laminaria hyperborea United Kingdom
Laminaria japonica China
Laminaria japonica Japan
Laminaria japonica Korea, North
Laminaria japonica Korea, South
Laminaria japonica Russia
Laminaria longicruris United States of America
Laminaria longissima Japan
Laminaria ochroleuca Spain
Laminaria octotensis Japan
Laminaria religiosa Japan
Laminaria religiosa Korea, North
Laminaria religiosa Korea, South
Laminaria saccharina Canada
Laminaria saccharina Ireland
Laminaria saccharina United States of America
Laminaria schinzii South Africa
Laminaria setchelli Canada
Lessonia nigrescens Chile
Lessonia nigrescens Peru
Lessonia trabeculata Chile
Macrocystis integrifolia Canada
Macrocystis integrifolia Peru
Macrocystis integrifolia United States of America
Macrocystis pyrifera Argentina
Macrocystis pyrifera Australia
Macrocystis pyrifera Chile
Macrocystis pyrifera Mexico
Macrocystis pyrifera Peru
Macrocystis pyrifera United States of America
Nemacystis decipiens Japan
Nereocystis luetkaena Canada
Nereocystis luetkaena United States of America
Pelvetia siliquosa Korea, North
Pelvetia siliquosa Korea, South
Postelsia spp. United States of America
Sargassum aquifolium Indonesia
Sargassum crassifolium Thailand
Sargassum crassifolium Vietnam
Sargassum filipendula Egypt
Sargassum gramminifolium Vietnam
Sargassum henslowianum Vietnam
Sargassum horneri Korea, North
Sargassum horneri Korea, South
Sargassum ilicifolium India
Sargassum mcclurei Vietnam
Sargassum myriocystum India
Sargassum oligocystum Thailand
Sargassum polycystum India
Sargassum polycystum Thailand
Sargassum polycystum Vietnam
Sargassum siliquosum Indonesia
Sargassum siliquosum Vietnam
Sargassum spp. Bangladesh
Sargassum spp. Brazil
Sargassum spp. Burma
Sargassum spp. Malaysia
Sargassum spp. Philippines
Sargassum spp. Thailand
Sargassum spp. United States of America
Sargassum spp. Vietnam
Sargassum vachelliannum Vietnam
Sargassum wightii India
Scytosiphon lomentaria France
Scytosiphon lomentaria Korea, N
Scytosiphon lomentaria Korea, S
Turbinaria conoides India
Turbinaria decurrens India
Turbinaria ornata India
Turbinaria spp. Philippines
Turbinaria spp. Vietnam
Undaria peterseniana Korea, North
Undaria peterseniana Korea, South
Undaria pinnitifida Australia
Undaria pinnitifida China
Undaria pinnitifida France
Undaria pinnitifida Japan
Undaria pinnitifida Korea, North
Undaria pinnitifida Korea, South

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