Distribution of Green Seaweeds

Reported commercial distribution  of Green Seaweeds (Phylum Chlorophyta) by genus, species and country

Distribution information and other data specific to genera and species are being prepared for each genus shown in the Greens Index. Meanwhile the lengthy table below summarises known distributions.

Genus species Country
Acetabularia major Indonesia
Acetabularia major Philippines
Capsosiphon fulvescens Korea, N
Capsosiphon fulvescens Korea, S
Caulerpa lentillifera Philippines
Caulerpa peltata Philippines
Caulerpa racemosa Bangladesh
Caulerpa racemosa Japan
Caulerpa racemosa Philippines
Caulerpa racemosa Vietnam
Caulerpa sertularioides Philippines
Caulerpa spp. Malaysia
Caulerpa spp. Thailand
Caulerpa taxifolia Philippines
Codium bartletti Philippines
Codium edule Philippines
Codium fragile Korea, N
Codium fragile Korea, S
Codium fragile Philippines
Codium muelleri USA
Codium sinuosa Philippines
Codium spp. Argentina
Codium taylori Israel
Codium tenue Indonesia
Codium tomentosum Indonesia
Dictyosphaeria cavernosa Kenya
Dictyosphaeria cavernosa Philippines
Enteromorpha clathrata Korea, N
Enteromorpha clathrata Korea, S
Enteromorpha compressa Indonesia
Enteromorpha compressa Korea, N
Enteromorpha compressa Korea, S
Enteromorpha compressa Philippines
Enteromorpha grevillei Korea, N
Enteromorpha grevillei Korea, S
Enteromorpha intestinalis Indonesia
Enteromorpha intestinalis Japan
Enteromorpha intestinalis Korea, N
Enteromorpha intestinalis Korea, S
Enteromorpha linza Korea, N
Enteromorpha linza Korea, S
Enteromorpha nitidum Korea, N
Enteromorpha nitidum Korea, S
Enteromorpha prolifera Indonesia
Enteromorpha prolifera Japan
Enteromorpha prolifera Korea, N
Enteromorpha prolifera Korea, S
Enteromorpha prolifera Philippines
Enteromorpha spp. Bangladesh
Enteromorpha spp. Burma
Enteromorpha spp. France
Enteromorpha spp. Portugal
Enteromorpha spp. USA
Monostroma nitidum Japan
Ulva lactuca Indonesia
Ulva lactuca Vietnam
Ulva pertusa Philippines
Ulva reticulata Vietnam
Ulva spp. Argentina
Ulva spp. Canada
Ulva spp. China
Ulva spp. Italy
Ulva spp. Japan
Ulva spp. Malaysia
Ulva spp. Portugal
Ulva spp. USA

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