Production of seaplant crops

Seaplant farming can be very lucrative - poor strategy and execution leads to failure - learn from the experiences of others through these publications

A Definition of Factors Critical to the Success of Seaplant Production EnterprisesSuccess results for a commercial seaweed project only if the best among a wide spectrum of alternatives is implemented.
The zone of feasible production options is a small subset of all possible options delimited by "crop factors" and by "socio-economic factors" including business, economic and social considerations. Paradigmatically the subset of feasible options can be depicted as the "success cube" shown here.
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A Guide to Seaplant Farm Development & Management - Emphasis on tropical carrageenophytes and agarophtes- tropical "Carragar Seaplants"
The basis of seaplant production is the synthesis of plant material by algae in the water. Aside from  wild-harvested marl (about 70% of world seaweed production) about half of the over 2 M tons/yr of commercial seaplant production is from cultivation. Laminaria spp. accounts for over 60% of the total while Porphyra, Kappaphycus, Eucheuma, Undaria and Gracilaria make up most of the rest to a total of 99%. See more statistics.
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