Distribution of Red Seaweeds

Reported commercial distribution  of Red Seaweeds (Phylum Rhodophyta) by genus, species and country

Distribution information and other data specific to genera and species are being prepared for each genus shown in the Reds Index. Meanwhile the lengthy table below summarises known distributions.

Genus species Country
Acanthophora spicifera Philippines
Acanthophora spicifera Vietnam
Ahnfeltia plicata Chile
Ahnfeltia plicata Russia
Ahnfeltia tobucheiensis Russia
Asparagopsis taxiformis Indonesia
Asparagopsis taxiformis Philippines
Asparagopsis taxiformis United States of America
Betaphycus gelatinae Vietnam
Calaglossa adnata Indonesia
Calaglossa leprieurii Indonesia
Calaglossa leprieurii Vietnam
Catnella spp. Burma
Chondrus armatus Russia
Chondrus crassicaulis Korea, North
Chondrus crassicaulis Korea, South
Chondrus crispus Canada
Chondrus crispus France
Chondrus crispus Ireland
Chondrus crispus Spain
Chondrus crispus United States of America
Chondrus ocellatus Japan
Eucheuma alvarezii Kiribati
Eucheuma alvarezii Malaysia
Eucheuma cartilagineum Japan
Eucheuma denticulatum Madagascar
Eucheuma denticulatum Philippines
Eucheuma gelatinae China
Eucheuma gelatinae Indonesia
Eucheuma gelatinae Japan
Eucheuma gelatinae Philippines
Eucheuma isiforme Caribbean
Eucheuma muricatum Indonesia
Eucheuma striatum Madagascar
Furcellaria fastigiata Canada
Furcellaria fastigiata Denmark
Gelidiella acerosa India
Gelidiella acerosa Malaysia
Gelidiella acerosa Philippines
Gelidiella acerosa Vietnam
Gelidiella tenuissima Bangladesh
Gelidium abbottiorum South Africa
Gelidium anansii Indonesia
Gelidium anansii Korea, North
Gelidium anansii Korea, South
Gelidium capense South Africa
Gelidium chilense Chile
Gelidium latifolium Indonesia
Gelidium lingulatum Chile
Gelidium madagascariense Madagascar
Gelidium pristoides South Africa
Gelidium pteridifolium South Africa
Gelidium pusillum Bangladesh
Gelidium rex Chile
Gelidium robustum Mexico
Gelidium sesquipedale Morocco
Gelidium sesquipedale Portugal
Gelidium sesquipedale Spain
Gelidium spp. China
Gelidium spp. Japan
Gelidium spp. United States of America
Gelidium vagum Canada
Gigartina asicularis Morocco
Gigartina canaliculata Mexico
Gigartina chamissoi Chile
Gigartina chamissoi Peru
Gigartina intermedia Vietnam
Gigartina pistillata Morocco
Gigartina scottsbergii Argentina
Gigartina scottsbergii Chile
Gloiopeltis complanata Japan
Gloiopeltis furcata Japan
Gloiopeltis furcata Korea, North
Gloiopeltis furcata Korea, South
Gloiopeltis spp. Vietnam
Gloiopeltis tenax Japan
Gloiopeltis tenax Korea, North
Gloiopeltis tenax Korea, South
Gracilaria asisatica China
Gracilaria asisatica Vietnam
Gracilaria bursa-pastoris Japan
Gracilaria caudata Brazil
Gracilaria changii Thailand
Gracilaria chilensis Chile
Gracilaria chilensis New Zealand
Gracilaria cornea Brazil
Gracilaria cornea Caribbean
Gracilaria coronopifera United States of America
Gracilaria coronopifera Vietnam
Gracilaria crassissima Caribbean
Gracilaria domingensis Brazil
Gracilaria domingensis Chile
Gracilaria domingensis Caribbean
Gracilaria edulis India
Gracilaria eucheumoides Indonesia
Gracilaria eucheumoides Vietnam
Gracilaria firma Philippines
Gracilaria firma Vietnam
Gracilaria fisheri Thailand
Gracilaria folifera India
Gracilaria gracilis Namibia
Gracilaria gracilis South Africa
Gracilaria heteroclada Philippines
Gracilaria heteroclada Vietnam
Gracilaria howei Peru
Gracilaria lemaneiformis Japan
Gracilaria lemaneiformis Mexico
Gracilaria lemaneiformis Peru
Gracilaria longa Italy
Gracilaria pacifica Canada
Gracilaria parvispora United States of America
Gracilaria salicornia Thailand
Gracilaria salicornia Vietnam
Gracilaria spp. Burma
Gracilaria spp. Italy
Gracilaria spp. Malaysia
Gracilaria spp. Portugal
Gracilaria spp. Thailand
Gracilaria spp. Vietnam
Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui China
Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui Philippines
Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui Thailand
Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui Vietnam
Gracilaria verrucosa Argentina
Gracilaria verrucosa Egypt
Gracilaria verrucosa France
Gracilaria verrucosa Indonesia
Gracilaria verrucosa Italy
Gracilaria verrucosa Japan
Gracilaria verrucosa Korea, North
Gracilaria verrucosa Korea, South
Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis Canada
Gracilariopsis tenuifrons Brazil
Grateloupia filicina Chile
Grateloupia filicina Indonesia
Gymnogongrus furcellatus Chile
Halymenia discoidea Bangladesh
Halymenia durvillaei Philippines
Halymenia spp. Burma
Halymenia venusta Kenya
Hypnea musciformis Brazil
Hypnea musciformis India
Hypnea musciformis Senegal
Hypnea muscoides Vietnam
Hypnea nidifica United States of America
Hypnea pannosa Bangladesh
Hypnea pannosa Philippines
Hypnea spp. Burma
Hypnea valentiae India
Hypnea valentiae Vietnam
Iridaea ciliata Chile
Iridaea edulis Iceland
Iridaea laminarioides Chile
Iridaea membranacea Chile
Kappaphycus alvarezii Indonesia
Kappaphycus alvarezii Philippines
Kappaphycus alvarezii Tanzania
Kappaphycus cottonii Vietnam
Laurencia obtusa Indonesia
Laurencia papillosa Kenya
Laurencia papillosa Philippines
Laurencia pinnitifida Portugal
Lithothamnion corallioides France
Lithothamnion corallioides Ireland
Lithothamnion corallioides United Kingdom
Mastocarpus papillatus Chile
Mastocarpus stellatus Ireland
Mastocarpus stellatus Portugal
Mastocarpus stellatus Spain
Mazzaella splendens Canada
Meristotheca papulosa Japan
Nemalion vericulare Korea, North
Nemalion vericulare Korea, South
Palmaria hecatensis Canada
Palmaria mollis Canada
Palmaria palmata Canada
Palmaria palmata France
Palmaria palmata Ireland
Phyllophora orientalis Russia
Phymatolithon calcareum France
Phymatolithon calcareum Ireland
Phymatolithon calcareum United Kingdom
Porphyra abbottae Canada
Porphyra atropurpurae Indonesia
Porphyra columbina Argentina
Porphyra columbina Chile
Porphyra columbina Peru
Porphyra crispata Thailand
Porphyra crispata Vietnam
Porphyra fallax Canada
Porphyra haitanensis China
Porphyra kuniedae Korea, North
Porphyra kuniedae Korea, South
Porphyra leucostica Portugal
Porphyra perforata Canada
Porphyra pseudolanceolata Canada
Porphyra seriata Korea, North
Porphyra seriata Korea, South
Porphyra spirilis Brazil
Porphyra spp. Israel
Porphyra spp. New Zealand
Porphyra spp. United Kingdom
Porphyra suborticulata Korea, North
Porphyra suborticulata Korea, South
Porphyra suborticulata Vietnam
Porphyra tenera Japan
Porphyra tenera Korea, North
Porphyra tenera Korea, South
Porphyra torta Canada
Porphyra umbilicalis France
Porphyra umbilicalis United States of America
Porphyra vietnamensis Thailand
Porphyra yezoensis China
Porphyra yezoensis Japan
Porphyra yezoensis Korea, North
Porphyra yezoensis Korea, South
Pterocladia capillacea Korea, North
Pterocladia capillacea Korea, South
Pterocladia capillacea Portugal
Pterocladia lucida New Zealand
Scinaia moniliformis Philippines
Solieria spp. Burma
Tichocarpus crinitis Russia

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