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The ABC of Eucheuma Seaplant Production
Agronomy, Biology and Crop-handling of Betaphycus, Eucheuma and Kappaphycus
the Gelatinae, Spinosum and Cottonii  of Commerce
SuriaLink Monograph # 1-0703 version C of December, 2003 ; ISBN 983-2893-02-X

From the sun - through seaplants - to you

This online Ebook and its PDF counterpart are
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The ABC of eucheuma seaplant value chains

Besides seeing more information about agronomy and biology,
learn about the commercial &
processing sides of the business

The development of commerce based on eucheuma seaplants (ES) is an outstanding example of widespread farming that evolved from simple methods refined mainly by farmers in the field. This phenomenon has led to current production exceeding 150,000 dry tons/yr from at least ten countries. Farm-gate revenues on the order of 80-100 M USD remain in rural coastal areas of tropical regions where ES value chains are the main source of income to tens of thousands of people. These value chains are still building and the information base for ES is expanding but it has not yet achieved useful stability. Much "knowledge" about the biology of eucheuma seaplants is practical conjecture extrapolated from studies of other seaweeds and ES value chains lack the transparency essential to efficient operation. The present monograph is intended as a step toward moving beyond this state of affairs.

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