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A. Fertiliser and plant food

Acadian Seaplants Ltd. - Diversified Seaplant Products (Canada NS)
In the seaweed business for over 30 years. Producing quality seaweed products for global markets.
Aggrand Liquid Seaplant and Fish Fertilizer (USA MI)
AGGRAND contains a mix of fish emulsion and seaweed extract
Algavi Maerl Prod Agro & Ind (France)?
Site not up yet
Alginure Soil Conditioners (UK)
Alginure Products specialises in organic soil treatments and root dips for the landscape, sports turf, leisure amenity, horticulture and forestry industries.
American Kelp Corporation Organic Gardening (USA CA)
Makers of Organa Garden & Home Products. Organically Balanced Garden & Home Products.
A.M.P.I. Kelp and Seaweed Products (Canada NF)
This page is about A.M.P.I. (All Materials Products INC.) of Isle aux Morts Newfoundland
Arramara Teo Kelp Meal (Ireland)
Arramara Teo. - Seaweed Products from the west of Ireland
BIAGRO Catálogo de productos (Spain)
List and descriptions (in English) of the company's fertiliser products
Beijing Leili Agrochemistry Seaplant Fertilizer (China)
BEIJING LEILI AGROCHEMISTRY CO., LTD is a manufacturer of seaweed fertilizers, and takes a leading role in both researches in active substances from seaweed and development of seaweed fertilizer. The company produces a variety of seaweed fertilizers with different formulations and functions to meet demands of users and dealers around the world.
Captain Bills Kelp Liquid Concentrate (USA ME)
Captain Bills all natural fertilizer is made from Ascophyllum from the coast of Maine.
FertiPlus Garden Products (UK)
Ferti`C`weed calcified seaweed granules is a natural, organic, slow release multi-purpose fertilizer and soil conditioner made from Maerl from the Falmouth estuary where the dead plants are harvested before being screened, washed and packaged.
Goemar Le Laboratoire de la Mer Asco products (France) Agrimar (USA)
A biotech and pharmaceutical company, specialized in the processing of the active elements from the sea, particularly sea plants. Their GOËMAR BM 86 is a liquid formula based on the seaweed cream GA 14. Applied at the instant of flowering, Goëmar BM 86 provides crops with nutrition.
Golden Harvest Organics Fertilizers (USA, CO)
Offer Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer as a natural product.
Home Harvest® Gardening Kelp products (USA FL)
Sell Saltwater Farms Liquid Seaweed Plant Food. It is sold as an extract which you dilute with water and apply to the soil, or most effectively use as a foliar spray.
Inveko Seaplants Compost (France)
Range of organic fertilisers
Kerry Algae Kelp Meal Liquid Extracts (Ireland)
World leading producer of seaweed derived products, achieved through extensive research and development and the adaptation of innovative production techniques.
Marinure Liquid Fertilizer (Scotland UK)
MARINURE is a highly concentrated, water soluble extract, manufactured from freshly harvested  Ascophyllum nodosum. Their fertilisers have a wide range of applications.
Matralan Fertilizers Secret Vert (France... site in French)
Their Secret Vert line incorporates seaweed in it.
Natrakelp Liquid Seaweed (Australia)
Liquid seaweed from Tasmanian bull kelp (Durvillaea) a source of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds. They use a natural bacterial fermentation process to liquefy the kelp and maximise the seaweed's nutrient levels.
Naturally New Zealand Seaweeds Ltd (NZ)
Biotrina Hort is an extract of Macrocystis sp. which together with Biotrina C.E.C. or other adequate compost materials can revitalise soils. All Biotrina products contain Biodynamic composting microorganisms to facilitate this. 
Nordtang Kelp Meal (Norway)
Their Micro-Crushed Liquid Seaweed (MCLS-product) is a liquid seaweed concentrate - also called ìseaweed creamî because of its appearance and viscosity - derived from fresh Ascophyllum nodosum. It is primarily intended for agriculture/horticulture uses - a liquid seaweed extract for foliar spray or irrigation.
North American Kelp Liquid + Solid Fertilizer (USA ME)
North American Kelp has been in the business of producing quality kelp products for the agricultural and horticultural industries for 28 years. Their products are from Ascophyllum nodosum. They harvest the seaplants on the coast of Maine and process it at their plant in Waldoboro ME.
Ocean Organics Agriculture Products (NZ)
100% seaweed products - well-balanced lineup of all growth minerals - rich in potassium and iodine - increases soil health and production  Two years ago we recognised the need for 100% organic nutrients for the rural sector to improve soil, crop and animal health. The rural range is under the Ocean Brew label and is BIO-GRO certificated (no. 811) and available in 20L , 100L and 200L barrels. We invested in empirical scientific trials in the 1998/99 growing season for the horticultural sector.
Orkney Seaweed Company Ltd (UK)
Orkney Seaweed Company manufactures natural seaweed products for use on sports turf, by commercial growers and in leisure gardening. Orkney Seaweed Company manufactures a range of products based on liquid extraction from freshly harvested seaweed (tangle) from the unpolluted waters off Orkney in Scotland. The liquid seaweed product has powerful plant growth promoting properties for use in both conventional and organic horticulture and agriculture.
Orkney Tang Co
mpany Limited
(Orkney UK)
Markets supplied by this company include two products for both animal and
human consumption. Their red seaweed gel is used for respiratory problems in
animals, particularly horses and their green seaweed gel is used as an animal food supplement.

Seagold 100% Organic Fertilizer
Seagold liquid seaweed kelp spray.
Sea Pal Fertilizer Liquid Kelp
Sea Pal' fertilizer - Liquid Kelp and Fish Emulsion fertilizers.

Saltwater Farms

Ascophyllum is processed, utilizing low heat drying, to preserve micronutrients. Their Kelp meal is 100% natural and contains no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring and no additives of any type.
Siam Canadian Foods Co. Ltd. (Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar)
Exports frozen shrimp, seafood and seaplant products worldwide. Specialties include freshwater and black tiger shrimp. Operates from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Myanmar.
The Sargaso Co.
(UK Wales)

Seaweed for health, cosmetics, animal feeds and soil. Their kelp meal is mainly made from Ascophyllum nodosum.

Thorverk Kelp Meal
Kelp and rockweed meals from Ascophyllum and Laminaria.
Thorvin USA Imports Iceland Kelp
Kelp and rockweed meals from
Ascophyllum and Laminaria. Thorvin, Inc. is the importer of the world’s finest kelp, which is harvested from the cold North Atlantic waters off the coast of Iceland.

B. Feed and pet food
Newfoundland Aqua Products, Inc. (Canada NF)
Kelp capsules, fertilizer, animal feed, vegetarian capsules. Newfoundland Aqua Products Inc. harvests and processes various species of seaweed / kelp for use as nutritional supplements, food, feed, and fertilizer. We own and operate the first food grade, Certified Organic, marine plant processing facility in the province. These products are completely natural with no additives and are tested for quality.
Kelp Products International Inc. (Canada NS)
Kelp Products International is a company that has been marketing organic, nutritious and cost effective products of value to agriculture and horticulture for nearly a decade. Ascophyllum Nodosum is used in their products which include a range of supplements for pets.
EOS : compléments alimentaires
Seaweed EOS is a powder that is fed to foals from about age 4-18 months.

North Coast Marine Sea Veggies for Fish

A line of seaplant-based foods for aquarium fish.

C. Non-commercial Links The Use of Seaweed Article
Seaweed, algae and kelp may be used in dogs and cats as a source of minerals, chlorophyll and protein.
NF-2000 Item AGRE-0022 - Development of Enhanced Quality Lipid Fertilisers Based on Naturally Occurring Seaweeds
U N- Paper Making from seaweed
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