The Seaplant Biopolymer Community

Seaplants biopolymers are an important extract from seaplant raw materials
The significance of these products to the Raw Materials Community is outlined in our brief introduction to that segment of the seaplant industry.

SuriaLink does not pretend to be a biopolymers site. We keep abreast of developments among biopolymer producers and major biopolymer users to the extent that this effects seaplant communities per se. After all, some of these companies are the real "big guys" when it comes to buying seaplant raw materials.

For specialised treatment of biopolymers in commerce we defer to dedicated sites such as Dennis Seisun's IMR International or to the sites of biopolymer producers such as:

BD Biosciences [Difco]
Cambrex Bioproducts
CP Kelco
FMC BioPolymer
International Specialty Products [ [ISP Alginates]
Marcel Carrageenan
TIC Gums Blenders

Still, there is a very fuzzy line between where "raw material" ends and "extract" begins. SuriaLink considers that "semi-refined" products and products subjected to post-harvest upgrading are still "Seaplants". We are developing as an information source for this important industry segment as well as lining up trade facilities to help buyers and sellers of these products do business with each other.

NOTICE: SuriaLink has no control over the quality, safety or legal status of items included in the sites to which we provide links and also cannot verify the truth or accuracy of claims or the ability of Vendors to sell items or the ability of Purchasers to buy items. SuriaLink also cannot guarantee that Purchasers or Vendors will actually consummate transactions.
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