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Seaplants are essential to life as we know it

>> Seaplants, big and small (phytoplankton and macrophytes) represent a major proportion of the biomass of photosynthesizing organisms that provides the essential oxygen in the air that we breath and that consumes gases such as carbon dioxide that are toxic to us in high doses.

>> Seaplants provide the basis for all of the oceans' production of living organisms including the fish, shellfish and other animals that much of humanity depends on for food.

>> Seaplants such as the mangroves and sea grasses stabilize the shorelines of our land masses and provide habitat for many of the seafood species that we depend on.

>> Seaplants have a multitude of direct and derived uses that benefit humanity in our role as primary users of seaplants and seaplant products.

The importance of seaplants to global ecosystems is such that members of all seaplant communities must take a serious interest in seaplant environmentalism.

The SuriaLink Seaplant Environmentalist Community is being developed as an information source for those of us with environmental concerns and also serves as a neutral forum where facts can be presented, issues can be aired and reasoned dialogues can take place among people with different views.

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