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Bioactive and nutritional compounds and extracts from seaplants are attracting an increasing amount of attention as people throughout the world seek natural sources of nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

Seaplant constituents such as fucoidan, myostatin, carrageenan and a variety of others are attracting attention for their apparent efficacy as anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant or anti-viral agents.

Unfortunately the considerable promise of nutritious or bioactive seaplant products has been marred by a certain amount of "hype" - even including blatantly false and exaggerated claims. This in turn has led to legal action against some purveyors of "miracle products" in which seaplant constituents are present as allegedly active ingredients. Incidents such as this marr the reputation of truly efficacious seaplant-source products and cast a shadow over legitimate producers and purveyors of useful seaplant nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

The position of SuriaLink is that we should not act as advocates of any particular point of view with respect to the nutraceutical or pharmaceutical seaplant-source products. Rather, we endeavour to facilitate access to sound information by those who wish to study issues and reach their own conclusions.

NOTICE: SuriaLink has no control over the quality, safety or legal status of items included in the sites to which we provide links and also cannot verify the truth or accuracy of claims or the ability of Vendors to sell items or the ability of Purchasers to buy items. SuriaLink also cannot guarantee that Purchasers or Vendors will actually consummate transactions.
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