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Why have a SuriaLink Associates program ?
by Iain Neish, SuriaLink Editor & Webmaster

Languishing seaplant people came into being because Dave Myslabodski and I found ourselves struggling for survival in the seaplant business knowing that we could do a lot more to “advance the cause” but totally frustrated at the pace of progress. We realise that many other seaplant professionals are in the same boat. Great seaplant research groups such as the one at NRCC in Halifax have dissipated; industry R&D people find themselves sidelined or unemployed; industry funding of R&D has dwindled to a pittance and the whole business seems to be "dumbing down". 

In unity there can be strength - in knowledge there is power
Dave and I have formed SuriaLink in the hope that we can band together with like-minded seaplant professionals and forge ahead as SuriaLink Associates. Unity can be Strength. By banding together like members of a professional Guild perhaps we can collectively gain a much enhanced opportunity to pursue our vocation, achieve progress and gain satisfaction in the ethical, rational development of endeavours that utilise seaplants.

Seaplant communities need an "infomediary" on the Internet
Dave and I had been hashing around ideas in earnest since the International Seaweed Symposium at Cebu City, Philippines in April, 1998. Since then we’ve kept up a lively e-mail exchange. Meanwhile I’ve been in South East Asia struggling through the "Asian Economic Meltdown” and Dave has been based in Rockland Maine developing Great SeaVegetables. Eventually it became obvious that the tool we need to achieve our goals is e-commerce on the Internet. Thus, out of our “sweat”, has been born.

SuriaLink is intended as a long-term creation – not a dotcom boondoggle
We started this project in mid-1999 while the dotcom mania was going full force. With encouragement from since-departed cheerleaders conjuring visions of “angel investors” and “venture capitalists” we charged into a crash-course on e-commerce and decided that seaplant businesses need this tool. We got seriously down to work just as “dotbomb” became the buzzword du jour. The Angels flew away but we decided to forge ahead on a shoestring anyway.

e-commerce is still a great tool if used appropriately
We remain adamantly convinced that the Seaplant Community will benefit immensely from an “infomediary” site such as SuriaLink. The reasons for this are summarised in the “About Us” section of We have observed and learned from the experience of other e-entrepreneurs including the evolution of Seafax to GoFish and back to Seafax again. As the managers of Seafax point out, "The market has spoken. What it's told us is that the Internet is a terrific way of distributing information, but not transacting business. We are looking forward to continuing to push the capabilities of the Internet to deliver the Seafax product, the best information in the business."

The need for "critical mass"
What we need now is quality content that will develop into financial returns and support for the work ahead. To succeed we must add real value. That’s why we need more seaplant people to join us in developing this project and creating the necessary “critical mass” of quality content and services.

If we do this well funding can happen
We cannot guarantee how quickly revenues will develop or how large they will really get but at least we can have the satisfaction of a job well done - and have opportunities to publish our work. By getting a sufficient mass of quality content and services on the site we can make visiting and subscribing to it a "must" for any serious player in seaplant related businesses. If we do this we are adding real value and financial reward is more likely than not.

Please consider joining with us
We invite enquiries about your participation as a SuriaLink Associate. Please give serious consideration to joining with us as an Associate or a Contributor.

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