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SuriaLink's mission is to provide accurate, timely, unbiased and affordable information and services to seaplant professionals and business people. We are an international alliance of seaplant professionals who strive to offer cost-effective, decision-critical information to the seaplant industry. We are developing as a cost effective medium through which people with professional and business interests in the commercial seaplant trade can collaborate in building an accurate, timely source of comprehensive decision-critical business information pertaining to technology, prices, crop conditions, innovations market trends and other essentials of the industry.
  We strive to provide easy access to everything you need to know in order to keep "state-of-the-art" in your communities of interest. Please see how we are organising the site >>>  Please contact us with comments - we're beta  and developing!

SuriaLink will be inviting positive participation by all members of the seaplant community... this is our proposed membership structure

In order to match your needs with our desire for your participation we are proposing to set up four ways that people or institutions can join SuriaLink:

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If you wish to contribute content to the site in the form of web pages, news items, or items for sale in the InfoStore we have a Contributor Program for this. Please contact us about terms and conditions. Learn about our revenue sharing system.

SuriaLink will soon be coming out with a range of information and service products that will cost effectively help seaplant business people to grow their businesses. Products include community-specific newsletters, results from "data-mining" in areas of client interest, creation and operation of client websites, useful technical information (e.g. "how to" process manuals and analytical procedures backed up with technical support), real-time GIS crop and market information and several other items that will save you time and put money on the bottom line of your business.

Associates Program
The SuriaLink Associates are the main contributors of content to the SuriaLink site. They are highly qualified, experienced seaplant professionals who provide you with the best seaplant content available. In return they receive remuneration through SuriaLink from the sale of their writings and from the same revenue-sharing system that is open to contributors.

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