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Africa's Aquarium SA (South Africa)
Agriculture Deptartment Aquaculture Site (USA HI)
Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Canada NB)
Agropedia Search (Japan)
Algae On-Line

Information about algae including all the major divisions and classes.
Algal Biotechnology Conference (Hong Kong)
Conference on Algal Biotechnology'2000, an international forum for scientists and food industrialists to exchange ideas, experience and to establish collaboration
Algen-Collections (Germany)
Algobank Micro France (France)
American Society of Microbiology (USA)
Home page for the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Adelaide. Information is supplied about the staff, research and teaching activities, positions available, access to molecular tools on the WWW and a host of other goodies for the microbiologist, immunologist or virologist.
Aquaculture Projects Arizona U (USA AZ)
aquaculture, extension, arizona, seaweed, algae, BioSphere 2, tilapia, University of Arizona
Aquatic Network Discussion Lists
Aquatic Network Discussion Lists 2

Asociación de Oceanólogos (Mexico)
Asia Pac Phyco Forum (Hong Kong)
Assoc. Invest del Mar de Cortez UABC (Mexico)
Atlantic Seaweeds (Netherlands)
AUSTRALIA Seaweed Industry Project (Australia)
Bernabé Santelices (Chile)
BC Bamfield Marine Station (Canada BC)
British Phycological Society (UK)
BRITTA CEVA Algae Search (France)
CANADA Sea Products Societies (Canada)
Carrageenophyte Research San Marcos U (Peru)
This page contains data related to the Biological Science Faculty. Informative bolletin, thesis since 1940, research abstracts since 1990, social activities and service, list of courses of the pregrade and posgraduate curricula.
CERES: CA Environ Res Eval System (USA CA)
The California Environmental Resources Evaluation System - CERES - is an information system developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of environmental data
CEVA Research Center (France)
CHINA Agriculture Dept
CHINA Fisheries Stats Chinese
Common Heritage Corp. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and Seaplants (USA HI)
Cytographics-Video Microscopy (Australia)
Dept Pesca Anuario 1999 (Chile)
DFO's Statistical Analysis Division (Canada)
Down Under Phycological Society (Australia)
Drying Hut for Laver Bread
E-Register of Marine Species (UK)
EASIBoard Online
Eco Simulation (France)
EU CORDIS: R & D Info Service
Euro Phyco Congress (Italy)
Evergreen Project Seaplants (USA)
Fisheries and Aquaculture (Canada NS)
Old URL: The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries strives to ensure prosperous and sustainable agriculture, commercial fishing, aquaculture, food production and sport fishing industries for Nova Scotia's rural and coastal communities through wise resource management, strategic development and stakeholder partnerships.
Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)
Fish and Game Commission Fish (USA AK)
Friday Harbor Lab Washington U (USA WA)
FAO Home
FAOSTAT Fisheries Stats
FAO Fisheries Data and Stats Unit
FAO Fisheries Department

FAO Animal Feed Resources
The Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in October 1945 with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations. This site deals with collecting and distributing information regarding animal feed including Feed Safety, Quality Control and FAO technical assistance on these matters.
FIJI Marine Studies (Fiji)
Fishing for Info Hyperlinks (UK)
Links to Internet resources in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Guiry's Seaweed Site (Ireland)
Harvard TreeBase Herbaria (UK)
Hatfield Marine Science Center. Oregon U (USA OR)

Herbaria On-line Resources (USA)
IFREMER (France) 
L'Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer présente ses missions, ses programmes, ses produits, sa flotte et l'actualité océanographique
Industry Trade and Technology (Canada NF)
Infofish (Malaysia)
Intergovernmental Ocean Comm (of UNESCO) - IOC
International Development Research Center (USA CA)
International Phycological Society
International Phycologocal Congress 7th Hellas

International Seaweed Association (Canada)
Internet Directory for Botany: Algae etc (Finland)
JAPAN Marine Affairs & Ocean Dict (Japan)
Japanese seaweeds (Japan)
Journal of Applied Phycology (USA)
JPN MAFF AFF Research Council (Japan)
Kelp (Large Brown Seaweeds)

KOREA Kyungsung University Seaplants Edu (Korea)
Macro Algae Demp Web page
Macro-algae Tasmania territory (Australia)
Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant Program (USA ME, NH)
Marine Conservation Society Kelp Info (UK)
Marine Ecosystems
Randall Prue, Plant Doctor, author of Keeping Them Alive
Massachusetts Aquaculture White Paper 1995 (USA MA)
Minch Project, the (UK)
Min Ag Forestry & Fisheries ENG (Japan)
Min Ag Forestry & Fisheries JPN
Missouri Botanical Garden (USA MI)
Mote Marine Lab (USA FL)NZ Industrial Research (New Zealand)
National Research Institute Aquaculture (Japan)
NB Monitoring of Seaweeds Protocol (Canada NB)
News about Louis Druehl Seaplants (Canada BC)
NIVA Tidsskriftartikler 1996 (Norway)
NOAA Seaweed Links (USA)
NZ Industrial Research (New Zealand)
NZ Dept Environmental Affairs & Tourism (New Zealand)
NZ Industrial Research Ltd. (New Zealand)
Industrial Research Limited is New Zealand's foremost applied industrial research and development company. The key industry sectors it serves are manufacturing, energy, and natural products processing. The site profiles all research teams and their capabilities. It also has copies of the quarterly newsletter Innovate and news releases, descriptions of products, and an information service
Ohio University Algae Site (USA OH)
Oregon Sea Grant (USA OR)
Organic Advisory Board Inc. (Canada)
Canada, Agriculture, organic, sustainable, biologique, certification, accreditation, COAB, Canadian, advisory, board
Organic Trade Association (USA)
Osaka Universities (Japan)
Philippine Statistical Association (Philippines)
PHILIPPINES Seaweeds Stats
Polymères Marins et Santé IFREMER (France)
Phyco Images Japan (Japan)
Phycological Research (Japan)
Phycological Society of America (USA)
Phyc Soc America Blackwell Synergy (USA)

Plymouth Marine Phycology Research Laboratory (UK)
PSA Web Links
Pubblicazioni a POLYtech (Italy)
Red Seaplants Classification [Silva et al 1986]
Sao Paulo U. Algas Marinhas Brasileiras (Brazil)
Samphire (UK)
Scottish seaweeds (UK)
Seagrant (USA NA)
An overview of the marine research and extension activities of New Hampshire Sea Grant.
Seaweed Biotech Lab NWU (USA MA)
Seaweeds or sea vegetables
Seaweed farming S. A. (South Africa)
Seaweed Links of Chris Lobban (USA Guam)
Seaweeds Lab LA U at Lafayette (USA LA)
Ser Nal Pesca Statistics (Chile)
Smithsonian Dept. Botany Algae Page (USA DC)
The Algal Collection of the U.S. National Herbarium is represented by over 184,000 accessioned and inventoried herbarium specimens and is comprised of marine, estuarine, freshwater, terrestrial (including cave) and airborne algae.
Sociedad Phyco Mexico (Mexico)
Sonoma University Algae page (USA CA)
Sound of Arisaig Marine Conservation (UK Scotland)
South  East Asian Fisheries Develelopment Center  
The Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) is an inter-governmental agency established in 1967 with the mandate for promoting fisheries development in Southeast Asia
St Laurent Vision 2000 Seaplants Resources (Canada PQ)
Results obtained in 1995-1996 by the Health component of Saint-Laurent Vision 2000
Swedish Algae Stuff (Sweden)
TAIWAN National Statistics  (Taiwan)
Bureau of Statistics and Census of DGBAS, Taiwan, R.O.C
Taxa Seaweeds (Ireland)
UN Seaweed Search
University of Guam (USA Guam)
University of Maine Faculty Ian Davidson (USA ME)
University Seaweed Lectures (Honk Kong)
Waikiki Aquarium Limu Reading List (USA HI)

WORLD Consl Group Int Agro Research
CGIAR's mission is to contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnership, capacity building, and policy support, and promoting sustainable agricultural development based on the environmentally sound management of natural resources.
World Species List Seaweeds Databases
WWW sources for marine science (UK)
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