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Seavegetables have been an important food item in several human societies for hundreds of years; if not for millennia. Such has especially been the case among the Celtic cultures of Europe, the Island nations of Oceania and the countries of East Asia; especially Japan, Korea and China. In these latter countries seavegetables are a daily food item that forms the basis for a multi-billion USD business that is a major employer of seaplant farmers and processors.

The spread of Japanese and Chinese cuisine and of health foods throughout the world has brought new attention to seavegetables. There is immense potential for increasing the consumption of seavegetables as food items, dietary supplements, food texturisers, flavouring, colouring and condiments especially among "mainstream" markets.

The SuriaLink Seavegetables Community is being developed as an information source for this important industry segment. This is a highly fragmented segment of the industry and it is often difficult to match sources with users so SuriaLink is also lining up trade facilitation facilities to help buyers and sellers of these products find each other and do business together.

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