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A. Producers of seavegetables

Algues de Bretagne_Produits Laugier Cuisiner aux Algues (France)
Keywords: Algues,cuisine,cuisine aux algues,Laugier,produits laugier,produits naturels,diététique,cuisine diététique,nori,sel marin,Marennes-Oléron,marennes-oléron,salicornes,fruits de mer,sel de mer,sauces,épices,condiments,salicorne,Charente-maritime,littoral charentais,Etaules,côtes Charentaises,mer,océan,estran,varech,goëmon,pioca,goëmoniers 
CelticSea Minerals Maerl Products (Ireland)
Keywords: calcium, natural, marine, solubility, bioavailability, absorption, retention, ionisation, fortification, magnesium, boron, trace, element, osteoporosis, bone, density, lithothamnium, lithothamnium calcareum, mineral, porosity, coated, mono-diglyceride, mct, buffer, capacity, antacid, rumen, function, pH, ruminal, acidosis, laminitis, microminerals, lactate, lactic, acid, dairy, cow, sub-clinical, volatile, fatty, drop, non-fibrous carbohydrate, fermentable, starch, fermentation
Conservas y Ahumados Lou Seafood Products (Spain)

Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company (N. Ireland)
Suppliers of tasty Sea Vegetable and Seaweeds from Ireland. These include Dulse / Dillisk, Smoked Dulse, Carrageen / Irish Moss, Sea Lettuce, Kombu and Wakame. URL : Email :
Get Organic Kosher Seaplant Products (Canada BC)
Grand Manan Atlantic Mariculture (Canada NB)
suppliers of edible seaweeds, dulse, nori
Grand Manan Rolands Sea vegetables (Canada NB)
Roland's Sea Vegetables - supplies finest North Atlantic dulse on Grand Manan, Canada, fine DULSE, Nori, Kelp, edible seaweeds, Roland Flagg,
Kerry Web Enterprises (Ireland)
The finest quality dulse, a sea vegetable available on the net, from Kerry Web Enterprises. Contains many of the vitamins and minerals required for a balanced and healthy diet, ideal for vegetarians or those on a diet, for the young or old.
King Island Produce  (Australia)
Proudly presents a range of condiments and sea vegetable products made from King Island bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorm). Links to Grand Manan Dulse Harvesters (Canada NB)
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (USA ME)
We offer six exceptional North Atlantic sea vegetable products, and one from the Pacific. Our milled sea vegetables offer the same high quality but in larger volumes, at less cost, and with guaranteed availability. We also make available selected whole-leaf varieties. We test our plants annually for possible contaminants. We offer: Dulse (Palmaria palmata); Kelp (Laminaria digitata and Laminaria longicruris); Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis); Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca); Rockweed or Norwegian Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum); Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus); Laver (Porphyra umbilicalis); and Pacific Nori (Porphyra yezoensis).
Maine Seaweed Company (USA ME)
We sell varieties of edible seaweeds - kelp/laminaria longicruris, alaria esculenta, laminaria digitata kelp, dulse/palmaria palmata and nori/porphyra umbilicalis and fertilizer seaweed - ascophyllum seaweed.
Miriam's Garden Seavegetables (USA AZ)
Newfoundland Aqua Products, Inc. (Canada NF)
Kelp capsules, fertilizer, animal feed, vegetarian capsules. Newfoundland Aqua Products Inc. harvests and processes various species of seaweed / kelp for use as nutritional supplements, food, feed, and fertilizer. We own and operate the first food grade, Certified Organic, marine plant processing facility in the province. These products are completely natural with no additives and are tested for quality.

Nordic Naturals Algae Products
Ocean Produce Int. SeaParsley and Opika-1 (Canada NS)
Seagreens Sea Vegetables (UK)
Seagreens Organic Seaweed and Sea Vegetables
Seaphire Int. Salicornia Products (USA AZ)
Planetary Design Corporation- Sea water based agriculture?? 
Slocum & Ferris. St John City Market Dulse (Canada NB)

B. Producers of food supplements from seavegetables
AlbanMuller Int Formulator Nutraceuticals
Alban Muller International, le Natural Product Designer®, is specialized in consulting and products for the Health and Beauty industries.
Algin from kelp plant aids digestion
Online source for buying herbs, vitamins and supplements since 1998. Educate yourself here about herbs, vitamins and supplements. Search by ailment, type or name. Save 40% on Nature's Sunshine products at our secure, online store. Herb Specialists can be reached toll free at 1-888-323-6364.
Algodynamics Liq Food Sup
Keywords: complément alimentaire naturel aux algues, perte de poids, amincissement, produit amincissant, tonifiant, équilibrant nerveux, anti-vieillissement, contrôle de poids, Miracle Océanique, Algo Dynamics, spray sublingual, spray oral, traitement amincissant, thalassotherapie
Body Balance Sales Liq Suppl._??
Body Balance Liq Suppl. (USA WA)

Checkpoint Genetics Seaveggies Lowering Cholesterol
Checkpoint Genetics, Inc., is a privately controlled pharmaceutical company, focused on the development and commercialization of products for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the maintenance of heart health. Checkpoint Genetics' proprietary development program is based upon small molecule regulation of cell cycle signals associated with cardiovascular disease.
ChildrenSup Algae Supplement

Checkpoint Genetics Supplements
Gaines Nutrition - Products by Manufacturer??
Modofilan Russian Laminaria Extact (USA CA)
Neptune's Gold Kelp Capsules (USA DE)

NutriSea Organic Suppl. (USA CA)
A Wachters'organic sea vitamins and suppliments distributor
Pure Planet Reds and Spirulina Products (AZ)
Source Inc Ascophyllum Products
SOURCE, INC. provides unique nutritional supplements for animals, dogs, horses and people based on a proprietary blend of all-natural broad-spectrum micronutrients
SeaZyme Kelp Extract (CA)
V.D.K. International_Institut de Diffusion des Oligo-elements (France)
Page d'acceuil de l'Institut de Diffusion des Oligoéléments - Laboratoire I.D.O.
Wachters' Organic Sea Products (USA CA)
Founded in 1932, the oldest network marketing company (5-40 year testimonials), lucrative compensation plan (68.5%), and pioneer in health/nutrition industry! We manufacture (FDA approved facility) 150 top-quality, exclusive sea-vegetation-based kosher-parve products – (health, nutrition, and personal care) – for distribution in over 26 countries. Free product brochure.

C. Distributors of seavegetables

Agricultural & Fish Marketing Corp (Korea)
Azuma Foods Int. Imp Jap SeaSalads (USA CA)

Clearspring Macrobiotic Seavegetables (UK)
Clearspring - Organic Health Food Store: Information and shopping for organic food, macrobiotic specialities, and an unrivaled range of Japanese products and other foods from around the globe
Eden Foods Imp Asian Seaveggies (USA MI)
Equinox Seafare Seavegetables Distr (UK)

Equinox Seafare - the web site for seaweed vegetarian food Equinox Seafare - the web site for seaweed vegetarian food
Frankferd Farms Foods Dist Seaveggies (USA PA)
Food Products Dir Seaplants, Dillisk (Ireland)

Irish food products from box to deserts/trifles including seaweed/dillisk snacks and salads from the west of Ireland
Food Source Export Corp.
mail order foods export food service
Formosa Keiwa Corp. - Seaweed & Seaweed paste (Taiwan)
Grain & Salt Soc Dist Seaveggies (USA NC)
The Grain and Salt Society provides Celtic Sea Salt®, the world’s premier salt, carefully harvested to protect the health-sustaining minerals in the delicate balance needed by the human body. In addition to Celtic Sea Salt®, The Grain and Salt Society provides a seasonal newsletter, organic grains, beans, and seeds, condiments, marine matrix, macrobiotic and japanese foods, healthy lifestyle books, organic oils, green teas, organic almonds, skin care, and much more. All Orders Shipped within 24 Hours.
Great Eastern Sun Emerald Cove Seaveggies
We distribute the finest natural, macrobiotic and organic foods this planet has to offer, packaged under our labels, directly to you at great savings. Nat Prod Site (USA CO) provides news, answers and information regarding natural and alternative health and integrative medicine, with detailed information on herbs, supplements, nutrition and natural remedies.
HI NOH - Poke Mix w/ Ogo_Quick Spice Seaweed & Salad
Buy Japanese food online - Seaweed (Nori) for sushi and salads
Imports Yamamotoyama Nori Products (USA OR)
Yamamotoyama 1690 Nori Seaweed Product Information
Katagiri Yamagataya Noriten Products (USA NY)
Kyungpodae Sea Tangle Korean Site (Korea)

Living Naturally shopper
Marché Aux Delices Import Seaveggies (USA NY)
Mien Boom Traders H K Seavegetables
Mishima Group Japan Trading (Finland)
Mutual Trading Co Imp Jap Food (USA CA)
Namsun Trading Traditional Korean Foodstuff (Korea)
National Federation Fish Coop (Korea)
Northern Naturals Sea Vegetables
We offer the finest organic and wild harvested sea vegetables available. Ounce for ounce sea vegetables are higher in vitamins and minerals than any other class of food. Delicious as well as nutritious and easy to use.
Nova Organics Group Trader (Canada NS)
Organic Foods - Nova Organics Group
Nutri Sea Sea vegetables (USA CA)
A Wachters'organic sea vitamins and supplements distributor

Organichealthy (Australia + North Pacific)
Organichealthy has highest quality seavegetable products ranging from dehydrated Wakame, Wakame powder/tablets/capsules to kombu powder/tablets/capsules for healthy lives.

Pierrick Le Roux Cooking Books (France)
Raw Health whole food
(USA OR) Whole food and Detoxification Products, superfood, seaweed, Probiotics, Raw food classes and Raw food Seminars
Real Foods Mail Order Seaveggies (UK)
Regent Food Products Seaweed Snacks (Malaysia)
Seaweed Cabbage Laminaria (Russia)

Sushi Food Distributors
Sushi is too EXPENSIVE!!! Prepare delicious sushi at home with your own Sushi Starter Kit. Kit includes everything needed to create delicious and nutritious sushi except for seafood and/or vegetables. Also included is a simple step-by-step preparation booklet with popular combinations and helpful hints!
Seagull Mail Order Jap Food (USA NY)
Japanese Food & Recipe. Introducing a variety of Japanese foods and recipes
Tych Shin, Mishima &, Ajishima Foods Co Processed Seavegetables (Taiwan)
US Wild Oats Markets [110+] | Bulk | Sea Veggies (USA)
Vegan Village Under Const (USA MD)
Old URL :
Wooseong Co (Korea)
YAMAmotoYAMA of America (USA CA)

Yeolmae Food Co Link?

D. Non-commercial Links

Algues en cuisine (France)
American Dietetic Association (USA)
Atlanta Kashrut (USA) Herbal Name Index (USA) Herbal Site (USA)
CARING FOR THE COAST - Cooking with Sea Plants
Centre de Rech et d'Études des Condition. Alim.(France) 
CRECA, Centre de Recherche et d'Etudes des Conditionnements Alimentaires. Quimper, France
Chambres de Metiers de Bass-Normandie
Vous recherchez un produit ou une compétence. Consultez les entreprises artisanales de Basse-Normandie. Plus de 200 entreprises référencées.
CNRS Des boucliers verts pour l'algue rouge (France)
Cooking Seaweed with Gerry Galvin
Cook's Thesaurus Sea Vegetables
Gives synonyms, equivalents, and substitutions for sea vegetables used in cooking.
Culinary Connection Recipe SearchDulse Sources
E numbers in general use (UK)

E numbers in general use
EUR-Lex: Doc 391R2092 Organics
FAO Econ Soc Dept Food & Nutrition Div
FAO Codex Alimentarius Commission

Green Seaweed salad
Old URL:
Harvestcoop Seaweed recipies (USA AL)
IFREMER server's plan (France)
INFOODS: UN & FAO Food Data Systems Project
INFOODS is the United Nations University International Food Data Systems Project.
Intoxications par les fruits de mer (algues) (France)
Iodine from seaweed
i-Village Recipe Finder
Japanese Food! (USA CA)
Kalin Cellars umame and wine taste (USA CA)
Kashrut.Com Kosher Information is devoted to providing up-to-date information about kosher food including mislabeled products and useful information for the kosher consumer.
Kosher Food Guide
Organized Kashruth Laboratories provides kosher supervision to hundreds of companies around the world. Its magazine, The Jewish Homemaker, features articles on kashruth, Jewish law (halachah), kosher food recipes, parenting, marriage, Torah, Humor, and other Jewish-related topics.
Konbu No Tsukukani (Pickled Seaweed)
Macrobiotic Suggestions NZ
Macrobiotics Online (USA)
A library of information including the macrobiotic approach to health recovery, articles and recipes, kushi institute programs, career training, and supplies catalog
MSG Facts Site
MSG Myths
National Organization Mobilized to Stop Glutamate
Welcome to the home page for NoMSG, the National Organization Mobilized to Stop Glutamate! The NoMSG mission is to educate consumers regarding the dangers of Monosodium Glutamate and the ways in which it is hidden; to encourage MSG-free products; to support MSG sensitive individuals; and, to promote independent MSG research.
Natural Land Seavegetables
Physiology, diets and healthy nutrition
Information about physiology, diets and healthy nutrition
Reverse rolls are one form of maki-sushi - deep red
One example of maki-sushi ( the seaweed roll style) is the California. This is a reverse roll; it has the rice on the outside. The filling is typically avocado, crab and cream cheese.
Seasalad Recipe in Engl. (Japan)
Sea Vegetable Cuisine Aveline Kushi

Sea Vegetable Slaw 
Living and Raw foods has the largest collection of vegetaran and vegan living/raw food recipes.
Seaweed Recipes
\SOAR Searchable Recipes
Browse or search an archive of over 70,000 recipes collected from a wide variety of Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Includes a wide variety of ethnic foods, and many recipes for those on restricted diets such as diabetic or fat-free diets.
Sushi! Sushi! Sushi!
Sushi Secrets is for sushi lovers everywhere who want to save money by making their own sushi at home
Sushi Vocabulary

Une sélection de recettes avec des algues (France)
De la plus simple à la plus élaborée, ces recettes sont un bon moyen pour s'initier à la cuisine avec des algues
USCG Cold Weather Survival [Seaplants as Food] (USA AK)
USDA National Organic Program (USA)
USDA Nutrition Resource Links (USA)
USDA Food Composition Data (USA)
Vaad Ha'ir of Montreal (Canada PQ)
Kashrus Alerts, Kosher, Kashruth, Vaad, Vaad Ha'ir, Montreal, MK,
Vegan Outreach (USA)
Vegan Outreach is an organization working to end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.
Vegan Society (UK)
The Vegan Society: Promoting ways of living which avoid the use of animal products - for the benefit of people, animals and the environment
Wild Food Adventures - Institute for the Study of Edible Wild Plants and Other Foragables (USA)
Quarterly publication - feature articles, news, research, & educational events. North America. Edible wild plants and forageables. Cutting edge articles by the editor, John Kallas, & contributing writers. Event calendar workshops offered by wild food experts throughout North America. $12/year.

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