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seaweed cultivation, resource surveys, process technology, markets, product opportunities, trading facilities, seavegetable recipes and anything else to do with seaplants? 
Please see below.

A major function of SuriaLink is to connect underutilized expertise to the people who need it. Many experienced and highly qualified industry professionals are "prematurely retired" or unable to obtain as much work and as much funding as they need to pursue their vocation. Industry support for R&D has dwindled; largely due to difficulty in maintaining proprietary rights over the results [e.g. in seaweed farm development]. The industry is also tending toward ever greater fragmentation as small to medium sized businesses prove appropriate for the production of seaweed, sea vegetables and seaplant products. The industry has an urgent need for the kind of talent and expertise that is currently under-utilised. is being developed as a medium through which such expertise can be efficiently and cost-effectively made available to the businesses that need it.

SuriaLink will help to get you in touch with the experts who can advise and assist you with your seaplant project. No, we can't do it all ourselves but we'll try our best to connect you with the people who can help you to develop your project.

For the Americas, Europe and Africa, please contact:

David Myslabodski
2 Park Drive, Suite 200
Rockland, ME, USA 04841
1.207.596.2102 (voice)
1.207.596.6492 (fax)

¡Se habla español!

For the Asia-Pacific and East Africa, please contact:

SuriaLink IndoPacific
Mail: Post Office Box 15668
88865 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Street: Lot 9, Floor 1, Rolmas Industrial Centre
88300 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia
Mobile: 60.19.802.4614
Tel: (fax)
Fax: 60.88.729.611

For administrative matters, please contact:

Doug Neish
607 W. Broadway Ave., Suite 310
Fairfield, IA, USA 52556
Tel/Fax: 1.641.469.6972
Mobile: 1.641.919.0695
Pager: 1.515. 650-3127

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