Products for the facilitation of seaplant commerce

The founders of SuriaLink and several SuriaLink Associates have long experience with all aspects of Eucheuma seaweed and agar seaweed production, processing and utilisation. We do: turnkey development projects - resource surveys - development of new farm production areas - process technology development - quality assurance & verification - trade facilitation services -  development of applications.

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Expertise, news, intelligence and publications providing decision-critical information
real-time industry intelligence... We can undertake surveys and prepare custom newsletters to suit your specific needs. If there is sufficient industry interest we plan to produce Seaplant Newsletter starting with the tropical carrageenan sources (cottonii and spinosum of the trade) and the agar communities. These will be quarterly newsletters complemented by online data and survey reports that tell you what is happening with prices, volumes, product flows, crop forecasts and market conditions
Our GIS is a growing repository of historical geographic and crop information for the countries where seaplants are produced
The Seaplant Handbook, our developing reference guide to the biology, processing, products, applications and uses of seaplant genera in commercial use today
See what is becoming available in our InfoStore, the segment of our seaplant exchange that is a developing source of seaplant information from sources all over the planet
Keep in touch with the seaplant world by reviewing our regularly updated link pages; organized by community
Expertise and technical services that enable your business to reach its potential
We are developing product standards and analytical methods that facilitate trade by making seaplants and seaplant products clearly identifiable and more attractive to the marketplace.
We can arrange to have analyses done in cost-effective SuriaLink-approved laboratories.
Get methods for cultivation, post-harvest treatment and processing of seaplants including processes for the manufacture or "semirefined" and partially clarified agar, alginates and carrageenan.
utilize expertise of the SuriaLink Seaplant Advisors in setting up your process facilities and getting your plant operating efficiently.
Get international market exposure by using our cost-effective website design and web hosting services.
Trade facilitation services of SuriaLink and our partners
We can supply quality assurance and verification services that protect both buyers and sellers
We can assist in securing trade financing and trading services that facilitate international transactions between buyers and sellers
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