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SuriaLink is a group of interrelated communities... each has a different focus. At one extreme we have communities with a completely financial interest. At the other extreme there are communities with a purely intellectual or aesthetic interest. The common thread among SuriaLink communities of interest is that all have seaplants as an essential part of their focus. Communities tend to revolve around discipline, environmental influences and uses. Most people belong to more than one community of interest (e.g. one discipline, at least one usage area and environmental impacts). The communities defined for structuring the SuriaLink website are briefly described in the table below:
Community Code Overview
Agronomy AG Production and commerce of seaplants and other algae including harvesting, farming, post-harvest treatment and value adding functions.
Art AR Photography and other graphic arts that involve seaplants.
Biotechnology BI "high tech" cultivation of seaplants and other algae and issues surrounding the use of genetically modified algae.
Phycology PH Seaplant science and technology including biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines.
Society (links coming soon) SO Social sciences, business systems and other disciplines relevant to human manipulation of seaplants.
Habitats & aesthetics EH Seaplant environments and habitats - seaplants as both problems and solutions relative to environmental issues.
Harmful & invasive HA

Understanding algae are responsible for harmful algal blooms (HAB) or have been introduced to habitats where they displace indigenous species.

Treatment & recovery TR Use of seaplant products and algae in water treatment, biosorption of chemicals and similar applications.
Agriculture & aquaculture AA Agricultural and aquacultural seaplant applications including animal feeds, plant biostimulants and roles in polyculture or multiculture systems.
Biopolymer BP Biopolymers of seaplant origin including agar, carrageenan and alginates.
Industrial & energy IN Industrial applications such as process aids and slurry stabilisation.
Nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals NP Bioactive or nutritious substances synthesised by seaplants  and are utilised in nutraceutical or pharmaceutical applications.
Sea vegetables SV Seaplants as vegetables and food ingredients.
Well-being WB Seaplants for health and personal care.
Other OT Miscellaneous links of interest to seaplant communities
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We also have business links that help define SuriaLink's relationships with the commercial world at large and the organisations that businesses deal with. Please use the community links panel (below and on all link pages) to go to the link pages you wish to visit.

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